WRX Info

Boost Gauge Install

Step one get yourself some 3/16 line about six to eight feet,(just to have enough)
I used the Hole near the turbo, Remove the grommet, It's the rubber piece and cut halfway through it. Install the line like this I went behind the ac line and under the intercooler to the bov.

Run it to the bov and cut about 80mm down and place a 3/16th tee piece there. put two or so black cable ties to hold it in place.

Take the other end of the Line in the car, replace the grommet. Run it underneath the center dash,( i don't know if you are placing it there. if not fish it to the steering colum.

The boost gauge should come with some Hard plastic tubing. Set up the barb like this.
MAKE SURE WHEN YOU TIGHTEN DOWN THE BARB. That the little piece is FLUSH with the Piece on the right. This will ensure a good seal and won't bend the plastic tubing.

Then Do the same thing on the gauge, Cut the with tubing about Five to seven inches, and insert it into the vacuum line you purchased. Then place LOTS of cable ties Touching each other down the outside of the line to hold the plastic tubing inside the line. Like this.

IF you are placing it on the clock pod area you can tap power here.

If you are placing the gauge on the steering column you need to find power WHEN THE Headlights are ON, But you could just run a wire to this spot. Not the best pic , but this is how you use it.. You can get it at AutoZone, it turns on with 12v.

Then attach a ground and your done.

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